Powerful, Friendly Solutions for Directory Publishers
Like you, our customers want to cut office and production costs without sacrificing customer service. They want a solution that will do this with one system for publishing and managing sales and finances.

BookMan manages your business from leads, to contracts, to collections, through customer service and production.

BookMan's greatest strength is its directory production and pagination.BookMan makes it easy to gather, clean up and paginate your books with Adobe® InDesign® and the Paginator™ by BookMan. Automatic procedures make the process easy and quick, but you always retain full control and the ability to override.

Retrieve key ad content directly from your verified contracts to use in building your ads. This means no re-keying, and less chance of introducing typos. Your designers can focus on what they're best at. Your company saves time and money by being able to transfer customer information from year to year with simplicity and accuracy.
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With BookMan you can perform and manage all publishing and business functions in one, friendly system. Listed below are several of BookMan's main functions:

- Scheduling
- Sales Leads
- Commissions
- Canvas Management
- Contract Entry
- Document Images
- Production
- Ad Tracking
- Billing & AR
- Collections
- Pagination
- Automatic Reports
Increased Speed
Once you move to BookMan, your customers will notice an immediate difference in customer service with features no other publishing system has. No longer will you have to take notes, hang up the phone, search the filing cabinet for a contract or bill and then make a second call.

As soon as you get the customer's name, you can pull up and view their customer history. This history will show you when they first signed a contract, their billing history and even a production history of their ad. With one mouse click, you can open an image of the scanned contract, fax or email it as needed, all within BookMan. No other publishing system offers this.